Learn the ABCs of Hepatitis B

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Learn the ABCs of Viral Hepatitis

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month in United states. Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C are three types of viral hepatitis. Although each type of viral hepatitis is caused by a different virus and is spread in different ways, they all affect the liver and can cause serious health problems

What is Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis B virus. Some people who become infected, especially young children, can go on to develop a chronic or lifelong infection.

Over time, chronic hepatitis B can cause serious liver damage, and even liver cancer.

Hepatitis B is common in many parts of the world, including Asia, the Pacific Islands and Africa.

Is Hepatitis B preventable ?

Hepatitis B is preventable with a vaccine. Hepatitis B can be passed from an infected woman to her baby at birth, if her baby does not receive the hepatitis B vaccine. As a result, the hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all infants at birth and adults at risk.

Unfortunately, many people were infected before the hepatitis B vaccine was widely available. That’s why CDC recommends pregnant women, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, household and sexual contacts of someone infected, anyone born or whose parents were born in areas where hepatitis B is common, and others with certain medical conditions get tested for hepatitis B. Treatments are available that can delay or reduce the risk of developing liver cancer.

(Source – CDC)


28 July World Hepatitis Day: “Test. Treat. Hepatitis”… Timely testing and treatment of hepatitis B and C can save lives

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