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We Shall Overcome

Dearest friends,

My heart is heavy as I write to you today. I know that many of you have lost your loved ones in the last few weeks, many have family members who are struggling for life, and many are grappling with the disease at home, anxious and afraid of what is to come. There is not a single one of us who has not been affected by this scourge. People across our country are gasping for air, struggling to access medical care or simply to get the next dose of life saving medicine.

The government has failed us all. Even those of us who oppose and fight them could not have foreseen a complete abdication of leadership and governance at a time as devastating as this. In our hearts, we too are still hoping that they will rise up and take steps that are imperative to save lives.

But even though those given the sacred task of governing this nation have let our country down at this time of great crisis, we must not lose hope.

Humanity has risen upto the challenge of adversity time and again. India has seen great pain and suffering in the past as well, we have weathered cyclones and droughts, massive earthquakes, famines and devastating floods,yet our spirit has not been broken. Every time we have faced a calamity, ordinary people, people like you and me, have come forward. Humanity has never failed us.

Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers across our country are working endless hours under tremendous pressure, risking their own lives to save those who are suffering. The business community is diverting resources towards helping hospitals gain access to oxygen and other supplies. There are organisations and individuals in every village, district, town and city who are doing whatever they can to assist and comfort those who are in pain. This basic goodness exists within each one of us. By reaching into it at times of great anguish our spirit as a nation can rise into its true grace and power.

This is a turning point in our lives in which we are being asked to push beyond all limits to find our own unlimited courage. We are being challenged to set aside feelings of helplessness and fear and stay brave.

We are together as one in this fight, regardless of our religions, our castes, our class or any other distinctions. The virus does not recognise them.

Let us show each other and the world the compassion and resilience that makes us Indian. We will be each other’s strongest support at this crossroads in our lives.

By gathering up our strength amidst despair, by doing whatever we can to provide comfort to others, by refusing to tire and persisting with the will to carry on against all odds, we shall overcome.

Out of the darkness that surrounds us, we will emerge into the light once again.


We Shall Overcome

Dearest friends,

My heart is heavy as I write to you today. I know that many of you have lost your…

Posted by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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