World Spine Day 2022: Apollo Hospital launches Apollo Spine Challenge

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Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad launches #ApolloSpineChallenge

An initiative to check the spine fitness of self and loved ones

October 16th is World Spine Day 2022

Hyderabad, October 15th, 2022: To commemorate World Spine Day 2022, on October 16th, 2022; Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, has launched the ‘Apollo Spine Challenge’ an initiative to raise awareness on the importance of spine health and its role to keep the body healthy and fit.

The month-long initiative will kick start on 16th October 2022 and will run until 16th November 2022.

What is Vipreet Naukasana?

As part of the #ApolloSpineChallenge, participants need to perform Vipreet Naukasana also known as Reverse Boat Pose and stay in the posture for about 30 sec. Vipreet Naukasana is an excellent asana for a strong back. It helps in toning and strengthening the back muscle.

The spinal column is the most amazingly designed structure in nature. It is the centrepiece of the human body providing strength and stability, which allows a person to walk upright while offering a wide range of movements to the body.

The challenge posed to individuals by Apollo Hospitals is to perform Vipreet Naukasana and check their spine fitness. Any uneasiness in performing the asana indicates a weak spine and encourages them to take spine health seriously by working towards strengthening it.

According to a press release, Apollo Hospitals will encourage celebrities, influencers, corporate HRs, internal employees and doctors to perform Vipreet Naukasana (Reverse Boat Pose), as part of the #ApolloSpineChallenge and inspire their fans.

What will do Apollo Spine Challenge?

Apollo Spine Challenge will also encourage the audience to tag a person who has been a pillar of strength to them and in turn challenge them to take up the asana. This gesture will serve as an expression of gratitude, enabling the person to assess his spine fitness and adopt remedial asanas.

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