Ved Chanana Praises Chettan Krishna Malhotra

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T-Series Director Ved Chanana Praises Singer Chettan Krishna Malhotra on Release of Ram Bhajan Video Shooted in Ayodhya 😃

Ved Chanana Praises Chettan Krishna Malhotra

Mumbai, 16 January 2024 (News Helpline): Renowned Bhajan singer Chettan Krishna Malhotra has once again captivated audiences with his latest devotional track, "Shree Ram Padhare Hain," timed perfectly for the upcoming inauguration of the Ayodhya temple. Adding to the acclaim, T-Series' senior director, Ved Chanana, has praised the artist for his exceptional work.

Chettan Krishna Malhotra takes centre stage as both the vocalist and composer of "Shree Ram Padhare Hain," a devotional masterpiece co-written by Pramod Kumar Sharma and Chettan himself. The track, released on T-Series Bhakti Sagar channel, has received widespread acclaim for its soul-stirring melody and profound lyrics.

Talking about his collaboration with T-series and winning praises across the board, Chettan said, “Ved Chanana, one of the senior directors in T-series, the moment song released, he called me and praised my efforts, he congratulated the whole team and was all praises for the song. Cherry on the top was, he wanted to collaborate with us again, he wanted a long-term association with me and my team.”

The Music is arranged by Vaibhav Raghwani & Dhruv Patel, the mixing, mastering, and editing by Yaman Beni, and the music video was shooted by Madhav Kohli and Prem Chhtri. The devotional track is out on the T-Series Bhakti Sagar channel. The song is shot in Ayodhya.

Talking about shooting the song in the divine city ahead of the temple inauguration, Chettan said, “I have shot the song in Ayodhya. It wasn’t easy at the time, as all the flights and trains were cancelled due to some protocol. I’d always tried to shoot the song at the divine place on which the song is based. Like I did the Kedarnath song by visiting Kedarnath, being a Prabhu Ram song, I was certain I would shoot it in Ayodhya.”

“So. I took a flight to Lucknow, and from there I reached Ayodhya. I shot for the whole day, and I did shoot two of my songs there, one is Shree Ram Padhare Hai, which was released on the T-series Bhakti Sagar, and the second one which will be released on my channel based on Prabhu Shree Ram. I shot the song in a new temple, an old temple, near the river, and around the city of Ayodhya. I have worked extra hard on the song, as after 500 years, the temple is being constructed, we Sanatani’s have been waiting for a very long time for this and I wanted to honour it properly” added Chettan.

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