Sagarika Ghose: The Queen of Hypocrisy !

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The Queen of Hypocrisy

By Justice Markandey Katju

Sagarika Ghose, a former journalist in NDTV, had once tweeted

Sagarika Ghose

She had also tweeted :

''Journalistsshould stay away from politics & loyalty to any political party. Compromising independence is the worst thing a scribe can do to themselves. Lets strengthen India's civil society and liberal democracy, and work for justice. Let the netas be naked in their hammaams ''.

She had even said that she can give it in writing that she will never accept a Rajya Sabhaticket ?

Now this shameless, hypocritical queen of liars has joined Mamata Banerji's TMC, and been nominated for a Rajya Sabha seat by the TMC. Has she forgotten her earlier statements ? Does she regard herself too as naked in the hammaam ?

This queen of hypocrites, in a recent tweet said she has joined politics to oppose the authoritarianism of the Modi government.

But the party she has joined, the TMC, is no less authoritarian than the BJP.

Mamata Banerji, the head of the TMC, is totally dictatorial, as is evident from her past behaviour :

1. She got  Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra of Jadavpur University arrested just because he shared some cartoons of her.

2. She got a farmer Siladitya Choudhary arrested as a Maoist just because she told her in a public meeting that she had not kept her promises to farmers

3. She victimised an uptright police officer Damyanti Sen who had backed a rape victim in the Park Street case

4. She got 7persons arrested who chanted 'Jai Shri Ram'

5. Her MPs did not let George Baker speak


6.  Mamata Banerji regards any criticism of herself as a hostile act, and her goons ( of whom she has tens, if not hundreds, of thousands ) respond accordingly

7. She has annointed her nephew Abhishek Banerji as her successor and Crown Prince. Is this democracy or a feudal monarchy ?

So when Sagarika Ghose talks of supporting democracy and opposing authoritarianism it is laughable. She will have to nod her head to whatever Mamata Banerji or her nephew say. As the adage goes '' Billi oonth le gayi, to haanji haanji kehna '' ( i.e. if the king says a cat ran away with a camel, just nod your head and say '' Quite right, Your Majesty, quite right '' ).

One may be quite sure Sagarika will act accordingly.

(Justice Katju is a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India. These are his personal views.)


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