Justice Katju called Modi a Gadha

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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Modi is a Gadha

By Justice Markandey Katju

Yesterday I was interviewed by the well-known journalist Neelu Vyas on Modi's drama of sitting and praying in Vivekanand Rock in Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu.

Neelu had interviewed me earlier too

Among the other things I said was that Modi is a gadha.

This seems to have upset Neelu, who said that I should not use such language for our Prime Minister.

But what other word should I use for someone who talks such humbug and mumbo jumbo that in ancient India we had head transplantshead transplants ( since Ganesh had a head of an elephant Ganesh had a head of an elephant ) and ancient Indians knew genetic engineering, stem cell therapy etc with the help of which Gandhari, wife of Dhritrashtra had 100 sons, and that Karna was a test tube baby?

Modi's views are throughly reactionary, and his mindset is feudal and coloured by his long stint in the RSS where it is taught that India's golden age was in ancient times. The RSS Bible is a book called ''A Bunch of Thoughts '' by a former chief M.S. Golwalkar ( also called Guruji by his followers ), which is compulsory reading for all RSS members. In this book there is a chapter in which venom has been spouted on Muslims, calling them foreign invaders, terrorists, gangsters, rapists, looters,etc ( though 95% Indian Muslims are descendants of local converts, and so can hardly be called foreigners, invaders, or 'ghuspethiyas' as Modi chose to call them in his speech in Banswrara, Rajasthan ). And the descendants of the remaining 5% were soon Indianised ( e,g. Mughal Emperor Akbar, who certainly cannot be called a foreigner, though his grandfather Babar was )

There is nothing in Modi's headnull except hatred of Muslims, and throughout his 10 year rule as Prime Minister Muslims in India lived in terror, like Jews in Nazi Europe

These 10 years was a nightmare for Indian Muslims, many were lynched on false allegations that they were selling/eating beef, many brutally beaten for not saying Jai Shri Ram, the houses of many bulldozed, and thousands arrested on false and trumped up charges, and incarcerated in jail in inhuman conditions ( where many are still languishing ).

In almost all his public speeches Modi spouted venom against Muslims, and glorified ''Hindutva'. He tried to saffronise all state and educational institutions.

The latest news latest news is that Modi has now gone to Vivekanand Rock in Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu to pray for 45 hours.

This reminds us of the adage '' Nau sau choohe kha kar billi Haj ko chali ''.

Modiji ne to hazaaron Muslim choohe kha liye.

Ab shaayad Kanyakumari mein ghor tapasya karne se yeh sab Muslim choohen uske pet mein hazam ho jaayenge.
(Justice Katju is a retired judge of the Supreme Court. These are his personal views.)

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