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Amalendu Upadhyaya
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New Delhi, 30 November 2020. Former judge of the Supreme court of India Justice Markandey Katju has agreed with farmers that condition of the government for resumption of talks is not reasonable.

Justice Katju wrote a post on his verified Facebook page in this regard.

He wrote,

“I agree with the farmers that the condition of the government that they should all gather at Burari alone for resumption of talks is not reasonable. They can gather at different places provided they do not block roads.

Presently, as I see on the Internet, the farmers are blocking many roads leading to Delhi. Some persons have announced they will totally blockade Delhi. How can that be allowed ? It causes a great deal of public inconvenience. Which government will tolerate this ?

A via media is that both the government and the farmers organisations should agree for resumption of talks on the condition that the farmers will lift the blocking of roads, and sit or stand on the sides of roads or on public lands designated by the government.

I reiterate that the method of resolving this stand off is by talks in a cool atmosphere.



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