The centenary of the formation of the Chinese Communist Party

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By Justice Markandey Katju

Today, 1st July 2021, is the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Chinese Communist Party and is being celebrated in China.

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No doubt China has made great strides since its Revolution in 1949, and large sections of its people have been rescued from grinding poverty and other social evils. But that was because of the patriotism and selfless sacrifices of its earlier generations and the leaders then.

Today the Chinese leadership is totally corrupt, and its members have secretly siphoned off huge amounts of money abroad to North America and Europe, with which they have bought huge houses and other real estates in California, Canada, etc. They often do not even live there, but use them only for parking their ill-gotten wealth. Many of them send their children to study in Western Universities, and one wonders where they got the money for this. Even the daughter of Chinese President Xi Jin Ping studied for 4 years in Harvard.

Corruption in China

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The Chinese of mainland China today have no ethics. When I went to North America I was informed by a reliable person that many companies in Western countries do not employ mainland Chinese, as they steal industrial secrets, and take them to China.

Because of rampant corruption, much of the wealth which should have been spent on the welfare of the Chinese people is not spent on that, with the result there are large swathes of poverty still in many parts of China, particularly in the rural areas, where people often do not get a good education and proper healthcare. Minorities like the Uighurs and Tibetans are often oppressed.

Some people advocate India-China friendship. Such people are living in a fools’ paradise. The China of today is not socialist, as it was earlier, but imperialist. It is in the nature of capital, after the country turns imperialist, that it ravenously seeks new avenues for investment, fresh markets, and cheap raw materials. With its huge 3.2 trillion dollars foreign exchange reserve the Chinese are like hungry and rapacious wolves seeking to capture foreign markets and foreign cheap raw materials.

The Chinese imperialism is aggressive and expanding imperialism, like Hitler’s imperialism, which was more dangerous than British or French imperialism, which were on the defensive. Today the Chinese are everywhere, not only in Western countries but also in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, capturing markets and raw materials, like imperialists

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The recent clashes of Chinese and Indian troops near Aksai Chin was really motivated by the Chinese desire to capture these mountaneous regions which are full of raw materials and which the Chinese hungrily covet for their growing industries.

It is high time people realise the Chinese danger, stop dreaming of Hindi-Chini bhai bhai, and throw out all Chinese companies from India

गलवां घाटी में झड़प पर मार्कंडेय काटजू ने कहा- चीनी कंपनियों को भारत से करना चाहिए निष्कासित

(Justice Markandey Katju is former Chairman, Press Council of India and former Judge, Supreme Court of India.)


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