Still loves doing theatre: The Family Man fame Shahab Ali

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The Family Man fame Shahab Ali conducted Acting Workshop

New Delhi, 12 Dec 2021: Renowned actor Shahab Ali who is now a household name in India because of his role in ‘The Family Man’ web series taught acting tips in a workshop organized by the Mass Media Research Centre (MMRC) in Delhi.

Shahab told the participating students about the core of acting and how the industry, which is rapidly growing needs more and more talents every day.

He shared his experience about his journey from the days of the National School of Drama (NSD), his struggle, his theatre and cinema experiences.

Director of MMRC Shariq Naqvi, who has been a documentary filmmaker and an alumni of the renowned Mass Communication department of Jamia Millia Islamia University (MCRC) himself told that he aims to build this institution as a platform where everyone who wants to express themselves in creative forms of art can come, learn and innovate. He informed that MMRC is providing classes and workshops on multiple subjects like filmmaking, camera, acting, editing and other such subjects and hence a blend of all components in film and media in an immersive educational model.

At a time when web applications are becoming very popular and along with Bollywood and other regional film industries, there is a growing need for people who has knowledge at core and skills on hand. Unlike the cinema a decade ago, the present industry is more on technical skills as the internet has revolutionized the cinema and brought multifold growth in all levels. Now connectivity is the new play where people from different regions across the globe meet each other, learning from and about each other and creating something new. Financial viability is also enhanced as now there are a large number of people who have access to the internet and who can watch their desired show or films unlike a decade ago when only television and cinema halls served the purpose.  

When asked about the workshop conducted by Shahab Ali, one student said that it only encouraged us and provided us confidence when we attended the workshop and learned from someone who is known for his acting and a celebrity.

A student who belonged from Bihar and asked if his accent can be a problem for him, to which Shahab advised him that his accent is natural and core which should be seen as his strength and in parallel he can also work on practising other accents as well as learning.

Shahab also gave a few insights about acting and told that personally he believes that studying in general about different subjects, issues help an actor to learn about different things and actor must know and study a character before the performance.

When asked by a student about unlearning, Shahab told that unlearning is as important as learning because once you remember the character and its move, mood etc., you have to unlearn and perform it in a way that it is happening first time as only then it will be closer to reality.

On his journey, he described his journey as the one where he chased his passion.

He also put his views on the difference between theatre and cinema and expressed that he still loves doing theatre.  In his view, theatre gives an opportunity to learn new things and to innovate and even to do mistakes and learn from it.

Who is Shahab Ali?

Shahab Ali is famous for his works including in Kedarnath(2018) and The Family Man(2019).

He started doing theatre in college and took the college drama club ‘Anant’ to new heights.

After graduating from Delhi University, he worked as a journalist for a short while but he started missing the live-action of theatre and thus applied to the National School of Drama in Delhi. While at the NSD he had the opportunity to work with Veteran theatre directors like “Mohan Maharishi”, “Anuradha Kapur”, “Abhilash Pillai”, “Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli” and “Tripurari Sharma”. He was also exposed to various traditional and contemporary art forms like Kalaripayattu, Chhau, Kutiyattam, Ankia Natt, Bollywood dance, Aerial acts, and Sword fighting.

This information has been given in a press release.

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