Grandparents Day 2022: Chemistry of Grandparents in a Child’s Life

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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On Grandparents Day 2022

By NK Prasanna and SK Varshney

When we think of childhood tales, what is the first name that comes to our mind is our Grandparents. Today is the day dedicated to honouring grandparents who play a crucial role in the lives of grandchildren.

The love of grandparents is truly selfless love having no conditions and is mostly a priceless precious gift that god has given to us. It’s a combination of deep intense affection with unconditional love and perhaps an even deeper connection which is not describable in words. Have we realized this over a period of years? Because Most of the time, the unselfish affection shown by grandparents is frequently taken for granted. The way they nurture and raise their grandchildren without expecting anything in return is just extremely incredible and rewarding. Without their guidance, we would never have had the right values nor the right lenses, both of which are essentially helpful in leading a successful and meaningful life. Today has been the ideal day and perfect occasion to address.

Let’s take a pause to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions that grandparents make to our lives.

They play major multiple roles juggling with a variety of responsibilities. They cook; they pamper, and act as mentors, guiding stars, major caregivers, and whatnot?  Can anyone forget the favourite cuisine made by grandma when we are hungry? Most of the time, good parenting shows that the child is not dissatisfied. To provide children with all they desire when they need it. There, plans are altered and sacrifices are made.

But we quickly forget everything. As we become older our relationship with our grandparent’s changes and children occasionally remember them. It seems sometimes we have forgotten to give credit where credit is due. Indeed! Do we treat our parents with the respect they deserve? As we are supposed to do?Maybe not. Perhaps we start prioritizing our friends and start criticizing them in the family because we are resentful. With time, we eventually forget their sacrifices. One of the many things wrong with today’s world is this. We overlooked and disregarded their struggle. The unfortunate fact is that frequently we are too busy to respond to their phone calls and feels difficult to attend. Some parents even limit access and unfairly denied to grandparents out of spite due to lack of clarity and ineffective communication.

When parents are present we should tell parents and express your feelings, and how we should feel about them when they are around. One should communicate it. Communication is the lifeline of any relationship. When they passed away, worrying and posting your heartfelt condolence messages on social media, is of no use. When they are alive, speak to them. Keep the social media posts to aside and take up the phone to call your grandparents or kids, and express your affection to them. It’s simple and satisfying. We can be good officers and some may even be at top levels and highest echelons at our workplace, Maa…this isn’t a mere word but it captures a wide range of emotions said by our beloved Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi.

No matter how rich, how powerful, and even how busy you are in chasing after this world, once our parents are gone they cannot be brought back again. Human values, good manners morality, and righteousness can’t be paid by money. It is all taught by and learned in the process of growing up which eventually shapes your reality. We should give respect and honour to our parents with gratitude. The little love shown to our parents makes a big difference. A lot can be changed by the small acts of affection we show to our parents. If we care about someone, we should rejoice in their happiness. Happiness should be understood as how much happiness there is in keeping someone happy. The enduring allure of ages-old charm of the Indian joint families with multiple generations living peacefully, enjoying, and flourishing under a single roof is an excellent example that reflects the rich heritage of our ancient panoramic traditions.

Dr N.K. Prasanna is a Sr. Scientist at CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research (CSIR-NIScPR), New Delhi. Dr SK. Varshney is Head, International Cooperation, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.


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