Martial law is inevitable in Pakistan

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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Politics in Pakistan is looking more and more like a Mad Hatter’s party in Alice in Wonderland.

The latest crisis is in Punjab

The permanent continuance of jostling and juggling in Pakistani politics seems to make it inevitable that martial law is coming in Pakistan. The Pakistani politicians are behaving like Mir saheb and Mirza saheb In Munshi Premchand’s story ‘Shatranj ke Khilaadi’, who were so engrossed in their game of chess that they were blind to the approaching danger of the British troops.

No doubt the Pakistani army has for the time being declared its neutrality, but how long can this continue ? Imran Khan has clearly indicated that ‘apres moi le deluge’, in other words, unless I am reinstated in power I will bring Pakistan to a standstill ( by massive agitations, demonstrations, and rallies ), and paralyse the country.

Historical experience shows that people do not tolerate a permanent state of chaos and anarchy, and indeed it was this state of affairs which brought Napoleon and Hitler to power.

In Pakistan it was the agitation by the Pakistan National Alliance that led to the imposition of martial law by Gen Zia-ul-Haq in 1977. When chaos, turmoil, and disarray goes beyond a certain level, the army inevitably steps in. Nature does not like a vacuum.

I submit that Imran Khan’s agitation, and the turbulent state of affairs in Punjab, indicates that Pakistan is inevitably heading for a flashpoint. When that happens the army, out of necessity, will step in and take over the government. The nightmare of nationwide chaos, anarchy and unruliness cannot be allowed to continue endlessly.

By Justice Markandey Katju

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