Why is Justice Katju with Imran Khan?

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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I am with you Captain, all the way

By Justice Markandey Katju

The most important development taking place in the Indian subcontinent today are not events in India but the brave fight of democratic forces in Pakistan led by Imran Khan against the fascism unleashed by the Pakistan army, abetted by the corrupt PDM rulers, which has created a reign of terror in Pakistan.

By their brave struggle, undaunted by odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and danger, unvanquished despite the whole of the state might thrust against them, the Pakistani people are not only creating history, they are also inspiring democratic forces all over the Indian subcontinent.

Some people point at the number of people leaving the PTI, and say that after the events of 9th May and the army crackdown, the PTI and Imran Khan are finished. They forget that the Captain is a man who fights till the last ball is bowled.

Yes, many PTI members have left the party of late, some like Shireen Mazari who could not continue the struggle as it was adversely affecting her family members ( as she said in a press conference ), others as they believe continuance in the party may adversely affect their businesses or other personal interests, and yet others out of fear of being arrested, tortured, beaten, or even killed.

Imran Khan has claimed that PTI members are not resigning but are being forced to resign

Even the media has not been spared

But this will only cleanse the PTI, which will emerge stronger than before. The dubious ‘electables’ ( owners of sugar mills etc ) to whom Imran Khan gave PTI tickets in the 2018 national elections, have been the first to quit, like rats jumping what they thought was a sinking ship. But the ship is made of sturdier stuff than they thought, and will not sink, and the exit of rats will only benefit the PTI.

About 75% Pakistanis support Imran Khan ( as all opinion polls indicate ) as they believe he is basically honest, wheeas the PDM leaders are regarded to be a gang of dacoits ( as the Panama Papers and other material prove ), and this number is rising.

An army can fight another army, it cannot fight the masses ( as Americans discovered in Vietnam, and the Russians in Afghanistan). A tiger can kill a prey, it cannot kill a swarm of mosquitoes. About 200 million or more of the 240 million Pakistani people support Imran Khan. At present many of them may have been temporarily silenced out of fear, folliowing the mass arrests and strong arm tactics of the security forces, but for how long ?

Paraphrasing the famous Urdu poet Josh, I wrote a sher ( couplet ) :

”Mulk bhar ko qaid karna kis ke bas ki baat hai ?

 PTI mein sab hain, kya do char das ki baat hai ? ”

Many people asked me why I, being an Indian, am supporting Imran Khan, who is a Pakistani. They say I should not interfere with the affairs of Pakistan.

I replied that I am surely entitled to express my opinion. How is this interference ?

I do not know Imran Khan, never met him, am not related to him, do not belong to his caste/religion/nationality, and do not expect anything from him. He has some defects ( as all of us have ), and I do not share some of his views. Yet I support him beause I believe him to be basically honest ( as contrasted to the PDM leaders who are big crooks who looted the country ), and I will support every honest person, whether he is an Indian, Pakistani, Britisher, American, or of any country, race or religion.

So carry on Captain, I am with you in your struggle for democracy, and against the fascist forces in Pakistan.

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