Kashmir's shining Corona Warriors

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By The Kashmir Impact

Coronavirus is a global pandemic which has killed lacs and infected millions. The tough lockdown has shattered economies across the globe. In this story, we speak to shining examples of Corona Warriors who have lead by example in Kashmir by helping distressed masses.

Mantasha Binti Rashid, Government  officer

Kashmir's shining Corona Warriors.jpeg  Mantasha Binti Rashid is a Government official with a difference, as she is the epitome of social service towards distressed masses and example of officer with humanity.

She shares with The Kashmir Impact her efforts experience during this Coronavirus pandemic.

“This coronavirus pandemic is different than other emergencies and disasters The most difficult part of Corona is that you have to help people on the ground without being on the ground, because if you are on the ground you can also be cause of health hazard for yourself and others, this was true more in beginning. Now we are getting accustomed to it.

In my personnel capacity, we gathered some like-minded people and started donating money to medical equipment for hospitals. We supplied nearly 15 to 16 oxygen cylinders. We also through our network arranged PPe and got them prepared and delivered. “

She adds -“

I started food for the poor with some good humans, as we felt our economy has been shambles since long and people are facing tough times. 250 individual and several NGOs participated and are identifying needy, families directly depositing in their accounts.

Through this initiative Food for Poor, I challenged the notion that NGOs are only for minting money gaining fame, and vested interests.

As I am also part of the administration, and being Nodal officer of NGOs District Srinagar this helped in building humanitarian initiative in a bigger way.

With my initiative Kashmir Women’s collective, we were able to galvanize the good number of volunteers and other logistics. “

Mantasha believes that the Coronavirus pandemic taught us that we have to have a bigger picture of serving Humanity without any ulterior motive.

Sheikh Adil Mushtaq

Amid Covid-19 lockdown, a top cop Sheikh Adil posted in the traffic department has come out to the rescue of needy people by providing essentials and medicines at their doorsteps.

He has become the paragon of people-friendly police officer.

Sheikh Adil Mushtaq, a 2015 batch Jammu and Kashmir Police Service (JKPS) officer from Baramulla district, who is posted as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) traffic police in Srinagar has started a chain on volunteer contribution across the Kashmir valley by delivery the lifesaving drugs and essential food items at the doorsteps of needy people.

Talking to The Kashmir Impact, Sheikh Adil started this idea started they got hundreds of distress calls on life-saving drugs since initially lockdown was quite tough we used volunteers from the traffic department, and DC Srinagar also helped and provided curfew passes for all volunteer. This was initiative by like-minded groups. We formed four whats App groups ranging from catering to food to medicine to other Covid-19 related help. We used Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp mediums to get people’s request and mobilise help for same. As the lockdown has been eased the number of requests have come down.

Sheikh Adil states: “This Coronavirus  crisis of a nature and magnitude has been seen first time by our generation.”

He believes although lockdown has arrested the surge of the virus but still Coronavirus is a big challenge as cases are rising and not resort to unnecessary moment.

He urges masses to take care of personnel fitness as it holds key to build required immunity to fight Coronavirus.

Sheikh Adil believes as police have been at forefront battling Coronavirus the pandemic has come as the opportunity of improving police public relations and people are recognizing police efforts.

Nasir Kuehami

Nasir Khuehami, prominent and Founding face of Jammu and Kashmir Students Association has always lead from the front when it comes to issues faced by students of Kashmir studying in different parts of the country.

In the current Covid19 crisis, he has been rendering valuable help to the stranded Kashmiris especially students.

During the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, Khuehami along with his 12-member team has been daily receiving over “200 distress calls”.

“We have been on toes since Coronavirus hit and are actively involved in the evacuation of stranded Kashmiris who shot repeated videos for help. We have ensured the return of thousands of Kashmiris especially students outside and assured financial and emotional help reaches them,” Nasir Khuehami states.

Nasir Khuehami has been actively Coordinating with the State Governments from Punjab to Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan to Himachal Pradesh to ensure safe and sound return of Kashmiris.

Nasir Khuehami multi-dimensional help to humans in need is earning him laurels from every-side.

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