What advice did Justice Katju give to Sohrab Barkat?

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Sohrab Barkat needs to develop maturity

By Justice Markandey Katju
What advice did Justice Katju give to Sohrab Barkat?

What advice did Justice Katju give to Sohrab Barkat?

Sohrab Barkat is a young journalist of Pakistan, who works for the online portal siasat.pk, and has often taken my online interviews.

I respect him for his honesty and brave reporting in these difficult times in Pakistan. However, in my opinion he needs to develop more maturity as a journalist, and give up the tendency (which many journalists have) of jumping the gun, for 'mirch masala'.

For instance, Sohrab reported that the Pakistan team was not given a proper welcome in India, which he deduced from the fact that the Pakistani flags were snatched away, that the Indian media adversely commented on Babar Azam's English, etc. He also said he would like that the Pakistan cricket team Indian team 'ko pel de', forgetting it is just a game, not a war.

However, the truth is otherwise, and the Pakistan team was given a hearty and rousing welcome by Indians, as mentioned below :

In a very recent vlog Sohrab condemned the Pakistan cricket team presently touring India to participate in the World Cup for their 'shameful defeat' and 'obnoxious performance' in their match against New Zealand. He said that the players earn a huge amount of money, but the team did not even put up a fight, and he was disgusted by what he saw.

On seeing this video I whatsapped Sohrab, and told him that he has been very unkind to his team. He should realise that every team ( like every individual player) has ups and downs, has good days when it performs well, and bad days when it does not.

These young players must themselves be feeling depressed and despondent after their 5 wicket defeat at the hands of New Zealand. What they need at this moment is not condemnation and ridicule, but words of solace and consolation, to cheer them up and uplift their spirit. They should be told that this was only a bad day, but better days will come. Moreover, it was only a practice match, not one which was part of the tournament.

Other Pakistanis also behaved in a similar immature manner, unkind to their team.

I was sorry to note that even Shoaib Akhtar, a person whom I admire, and one who knows that no team can always do well, was so uncharitable to the Pakistan team

So may I end this article with my own message to Pakistan's cricket team : keep your heads up boys. I am looking forward to your team winning the World Cup, like it did in 1992 under the great Imran Khan. And when you do, go to Adiala jail on your return to Pakistan, and place the Cup at Imran Khan's feet, and tell him '' We have brought the Cup back Captain ''.

(Justice Katju is a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India. These are his personal views.)

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