Why Justice Katju said most Hindus living abroad are still semi-feudal and communal

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Justice Katju's reaction to the rallies taken out by NRIs in support of Israel

Why Justice Katju said most Hindus living abroad are still semi-feudal and communal

By Justice Markandey Katju

100,000 Indian diaspora marched through central London yesterday in support of Israel in the recent conflict.

 It is certain that these marchers were all Hindus, and not a single Muslim. They were waving Israeli and Indian flags.

They were condemning Hamas' attack on Israel on 7th October, but not simultaneouly condemning the horribly disproportionate Israeli response thereafter of bombing building apartments, hospitals, schools etc which left about 15,000 Gazans dead, two third of them women and children.

They were ostensibly anti-semitism, but in reality anti-Muslims.

In Canada there were similar marches by NRIs, obviously all Hindus, in support of Israel.

In USA too there were pro-Israeli demonstrations by NRIs (mostly Hindus)

In India too most Hindus whom I spoke to were Israeli supporters, obviously because they are anti-Muslim, like most Israelis. So the bond between Israel and India is that both have anti-Muslim governments and mostly anti-Muslim people (India is 80% Hindu).

On the other hand, most Indian Muslims are supporting the Palestinians.

Many Indian politicians of 'secular' parties are lukewarm in their condemnation of Israeli atrocities, obviously with an eye on their Muslim vote banks.

For most Hindus, the important thing is that Muslims are getting a bashing at the hands of the Israelis, never mind the horrible atrocities inflicted on the poor Palestinians, who were deprived of water, food, electricity, and medicines.

And as for the Hindus living abroad, it shows that even after living for years in modern countries, their mindsets are still semi-feudal and communal.

(Justice Katju is a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India. These are his personal views.)

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