Sakshi Mhadolkar: Rising Star of 2024 with Face of the Year Award and OTT Debut

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Sakshi Mhadolkar: Rising Star of 2024 with Face Of The Year Award and OTT Debut

Mumbai, 11 December 2023 (News Helpline). Santoor Girl Sakshi Mhadolkar, who joins the big league with her recent Face Of The Year Award and OTT Debut in the pipeline, said 2024 will be a blast for her.

With brands like Croma, Maxelon, Antra Jewelers, and a dozen other endorsements and outstanding social media presence, Sakshi Mhadolkar is raving to take the thunder in 2024.

A regular performer at Lion Golden Awards, Sakshi bagged the face of the year award last night in Mumbai. When asked about getting the award, Sakshi said, “This is my second time performing here with Lion Golden Awards, and the kind of performance I am presenting this year, it will be interesting.”

On further asking about her upcoming show, Sakshi said, “I really don’t think, I can talk much about it, but I will be making my OTT debut, working on this project has been my blessing, I had some talented co-stars, outstanding crew, director and banner, I am certain 2024 will be a blast for me.”

Famous as a brand-endorsement queen on social media, we asked Sakshi, how she balances her professional and personal life, and she said, “I don’t think you sort of have time to ponder whether your personal is working out or not, you are so consumed with work and professional commitments that when you do get time off, you are working on yourself to make you look better, feel better or learn a new skill. See, I am a newbie, and I think I have a lot to offer, and I need to be prepared for everything, be exploring and experimental. Rest will follow in its own sweet time.”

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