A People’s International Tribunal to investigate the atrocities

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People’s International Tribunal

A People’s International Tribunal to investigate into the atrocities on the people of Pakistan has been formed, taking inspiration from the People’s International Tribunals formed by the eminent British philosopher-cum-mathematician Bertrand Russel, which investigated atrocities in Vietnam, Palestine, e

The Tribunal intends to subsequently investigate atrocities in Palestine and elsewhere in the world.

Given below is a letter addressed to many eminent persons worldwide.

People’s International Tribunal

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

Most Respected Sir/Madam,


As you are well aware of the events unfolding in Pakistan, it has become the duty of the international community to stand by the side of the people of Pakistan who are fighting against the draconian State and the fascism unleashed in Pakistan by the Pakistan Establishment..

Pakistan has already dived deeply into a state of chaos and the basic fundamental rights of its people have been violated by its Establishment, with about 15,000 people arrested and incarcerated in inhuman conditions on trumped-up charges after the events of 9th May, 2023 (which were alleged to have been stage-managed), the judiciary made servile, the media largely muzzled, and the people terrorised.

In this situation the world community must not remain silent, but must help our fellow human beings suffering in Pakistan.

On behalf of the international community, Justice Markandey Katju, a former Judge of the Indian Supreme Court ( email: justicekatju@gmail.com ), Ms. Sajida Amin, (email: drsinayat@gmail.com), Paistani-Canadian journalist & finance and life counselor, activist, reformer and philanthropist, currently resident of Australia, and others have announced the establishment of a People’s International Tribunal to examine the atrocities committed against the people of Pakistan and the violation of their human rights.

This initiative is inspired by the Bertrand Russell People’s International Tribunals, which focused on atrocities in Vietnam, Palestine, and other regions, initiated by the eminent British philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell (Wikipedia: Russell Tribunal; Russell Tribunal on Palestine; GARN: People’s Tribunal vs. Judicial Tribunal; Wikipedia: Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal).

This tribunal will feature distinguished individuals from various fields serving as judges. Notices will be issued to the accused, providing them with an opportunity for defense through counsel.

Those called to account will include members of the Pakistan Establishment, leaders of the PMLN and the PPP, Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa, and other Judges of the Pakistan Supreme Court and High Courts who have forsaken their solemn oaths of office to protect the rights of the people, and police officers and bureaucrats who have become complicit with the Pakistan Establishment.

This tribunal will have distinguished individuals from various fields serving as judges. Notices will be issued to the accused, providing them with an opportunity for defense through counsel.

The tribunal sessions will be conducted online, accommodating witnesses, evidence, and counsels’ arguments in a virtual format.

A Secretariat has been formed to support the initiatives of the People’s International Tribunal.

We invite you to be part of this Tribunal to make its hearings as effective and impactful as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Dharmaraja Gunasekhara (email: gdharmaraja@gmail.com )


On behalf of the Secretariat of the People’s International Tribunal.

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