All Indian politicians should be arrested, says Justice Katju

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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All Indian politicians should be arrested

By Justice Markandey Katju

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, was arrested last night by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with the liquorgate scam.
The charges against him have been explained by the ED

Many people, including AAP members and other opposition leaders, have criticised his arrest, and called for nationwide protests.

But I have no sympathy for Kejriwal. He came into politics riding piggyback on Anna Hazare's movement, and posing to be a crusader against corruption in politics.

However, soon after becoming the CM of Delhi he abandoned all his principles, and mastered the art of realpolitik. Scam followed scam in his regime, and many of his ministers and close associates resigned, or were arrested on criminal charges. But Kejriwal used to always get away scot free, posing to be 'doodh ka dhula', and ignorant of the misdeeds of those surrounding him.

However, karma has finally caught up with this modern Natwarlal in its dragnet.

He says he will run the Delhi government from jail. This reminds one of many American Mafia leaders who tried to run their 'families' from jail. Moreover, it is laughable to say so. Can cabinet meetings be held in jail ? Can ministers and bureaucrats meet Kejriwal in jail to get instructions ? Jail is jail, not a dharmashala

So I have no sympathy or empathy for Kejriwal.

But the matter should not end there. In my opinion all our politicians, of all our political parties, should be arrested and kept in jail for long terms, if not given harsher punishment..

This is because they are almost all rogues and rascals, looters and deceivers, mafia type gangsters and rapscallions, thugs and scamps, scoundrels and knaves, blackguards and hoodlums, who have no genuine love for the country or our people, but are only interested in power and pelf, by hook or crook. For attaining that end they polarise society and incite and spread caste or religious hatred ( to secure their vote banks ), and do all kinds of other devilish deeds.

So let there be no tears shed or 'mourning of the bar' ( in Tennyson's words ) for Arvind Kejriwal. Our only wish should be that other politicians, of all parties, should follow him into jail

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