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The farmers agitation: Negotiation is the way to the solution

SATYAM BRUYAT - Justice Katju

By Justice Markandey Katju Farmers have marched from Punjab towards Delhi against the three farmers laws recently passed by the Indian Parliament, with the slogan ‘Dilli Chalo‘ ( march to Delhi ) and have reached the Delhi border, despite several impediments by the Haryana police. Farmers of some other states …

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Celebrate protection of ‘Freedom of Expression’

Farmers Protest

Two judgments are ‘celebrated’ for ‘protecting’ liberty. One was Supreme Court Judgement on Arnab Goswami where the Judges actually criticised Bombay High Court order of not being able to ‘protect’ the rights of an individual which is so important. The second judgement is from Bombay High Court quashing proceedings of …

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India: Rapid journo-killing incidents rock media


by Nava Thakuria Guwahati: Largely shattered by the current Covid-19 pandemic India’s mainstream media has also witnessed an alarming number of incidents relating to journalists’ killings this year. As the year approaches the end, India turns out to be an unsafe country for professional journalists after Mexico only. The billion-plus …

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Carbon dioxide levels continue at record levels, despite COVID-19 lockdown

Environment and climate change

New Delhi, 23rd November 2020. Industrial slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has not curbed record levels of greenhouse gases which are trapping heat in the atmosphere, increasing temperatures and driving more extreme weather, ice melt, sea-level rise and ocean acidification, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The lockdown …

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Study of “exceptional responders” yields clues to cancer and potential treatments

latest news on cancer research

USA, 19th November 2020. In a comprehensive analysis of patients with cancer who had exceptional responses to therapy, researchers have identified molecular changes in the patients’ tumours that may explain some of the exceptional responses. The results demonstrate that genomic characterizations of cancer can uncover genetic alterations that may contribute …

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Nearby mining activities put the  population at increased risk of acute respiratory infection, TB and road traffic accident: Study

Health news

ICMR Report on Health Assessment of communities living near Raigarh New Delhi. A new study establishes that nearby mining activities put the population at increased risk of diseases such as acute respiratory infection (ARI), tuberculosis, road traffic accident (RTA), etc. This study was conducted by Indian Council of Medical Research …

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