AYUSH Ministry's clarification: It has not approved the protocol developed by the Network of Influenza Care Experts

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Rebuttal to Media Reports on N.I.C.E Protocol for COVID-19 Treatment

AYUSH Ministry has not approved the protocol developed by the Network of Influenza Care Experts

Mumbai, 29th July 2021: There have been some recent media reports that the National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN), Pune, under the Ministry of AYUSH recommends Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury’s N.I.C.E. Protocol for Mild to Severe COVID-19 Patients’. AYUSH Ministry has said in a press release that, It is clarified that this piece of news is totally incorrect. It appears to be based on some false claims made by N.I.C.E.

NIN Pune has clarified that the Ministry of AYUSH has not approved the protocol developed by the Network of Influenza Care Experts (N.I.C.E).

NIN does not endorse N.I.C.E

NIN documents best practices in Naturopathy for COVID-19. In this regard,

NIN has done a retrospective observational study for documenting the practices being adopted at N.I.C.E. Centre, Ahmednagar. This was purely an academic activity; in no way is it an endorsement of the said practices.

NIN has further explained that the report prepared by its technical team of NIN is only a reproduction of what was observed as a part of retrospective observations made based on interviews and discussion with the N.I.C.E team and patients. The conclusion so made is a part of the academic activity; it can be accepted only after thorough scientific scrutiny.

NIN strictly disapproves N.I.C.E statement that COVID Appropriate Behaviours are not needed

NIN has also disapproved the statement supposedly made by N.I.C.E in the press conference held on 23rd July 2021 and a video being circulated in social media where it is stated there is no need to wear PPE Kits, masks or follow social distancing. NIN strictly follows and endorses all the guidelines laid down under National Disaster Management Act during the COVID-19 pandemic. NIN strictly endorses COVID appropriate behaviours like social distancing, wearing of masks and considers them to be essential in the prevention and containment of COVID-19.

Unauthorized use of NIN identity

It is also clarified that N.I.C.E did not take permission from NIN for displaying the name of NIN, Ministry of AYUSH as an approver of their treatment regimen, and such, the use by N.I.C.E in the press conference amounts to the unauthorised use of the name of NIN, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and the national emblem.

NIN is communicating to N.I.C.E. to retract its videos and false statements made in this regard.

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