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Know all about autoimmune hepatitis

In this section -What is autoimmune hepatitis? What are the types of autoimmune hepatitis? How common is autoimmune hepatitis? Who is more likely to have autoimmune hepatitis? What other conditions do people with autoimmune hepatitis have? What are the complications of autoimmune hepatitis?

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Justice katju points out A mistake being made by farmers

Farmers Protest

A mistake being made by farmers By Justice Markandey Katju I have been a staunch supporter of the present ongoing farmers agitation, calling it ( in my articles and interviews ) a historical event as it has broken the barriers of caste and religion which have been dividing us, and …

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We need crores of Jatayus : Justice Katju


In India liberty from our widespread poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, lack of healthcare and good education, farmers distress, etc. and creation of a political and social order which will ensure this, needs the blood of crores of Jatayus.

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